About Us

4 – 6 James Street
Harrogate HG1 1RF

Opening hours
Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

email: enquiries@messumsharrogate.com

Messums Yorkshire is a two floor gallery of Contemporary and Twentieth Century Art.

The programming through the coming year will bring some of the best international contemporary and Modern British artists to Harrogate with accompanying talks and events.

Please contact enquiries@messumsharrogate.com if you would like advice on buying or selling.

Top Photo: Henry Kenyon Photography

The Team


Jonathan Messum

Johnathan Messum is the founder pioneer behind Messums Wiltshire, an inspirational and innovative Art Centre that offers a unique environment for both artists and collectors that celebrates the creative endeavour. He has established relationships with international, national and local artists and collectors who will support the gallery’s activities.

Johnathan initially joined Messums London as a Director in 1999, after studying History of Art at Edinburgh University and working for Christie’s in London. He has worked for the family business for most of his career.

At Messums London, Johnathan has taken the company into new ventures, starting new collections and building relationships with overseas galleries and museums on behalf of Messum’s artists and artist estates. He has been responsible for negotiating the handling of significant artworks on behalf of vendors of British art and is still actively engaged in the evolution of Messums London.

Gallery Manager

Julia Lawson-Tancred

Julia started her working life at the Tate Gallery and at the old master dealers Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox Ltd having studied Modern Languages at Oxford University and Art History at Birkbeck College. She moved to a P.R and Marketing consultancy for two years before she decided that she wanted to go back to the art world to work in museum education.

Having gained a P.G.C.E. at Bath University she taught for two years before becoming a freelance museum educator acting for a variety of clients including the V & A, the Horniman Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the London Science Museum, Eastnor Castle and Skipton Castle. In 1998 she was appointed Head of Education at the Wallace Collection in London where she worked until 2003 when she moved to Yorkshire.

Since then, alongside raising a family, she has been a judge for the Heritage Education Trust administering the Sandford Award to museums, galleries and heritage sites in the north of England, co-ordinated a schools artist in residency for New Light Art and has contributed to the North Yorkshire Art Fund programme of events.

In-House Art Historian

Joe Nickols (They/Them)

Joe is a valued member of the team, specialising in East Asian art. Having studied Japanese Language and History of Art/Archaeology at SOAS, London. Joe has worked extensively as a Researcher, Lecturer, and Art Advisor and brings this specialised knowledge to Messums Yorkshire.

Gallery Manager

Saskia Bonner-Tymms (She/Her)

Saskia comes to Messums with a background in curatorial management, having organised many exhibitions for up-and-coming artists. Saskia completed a Bachelor’s Degree at Manchester School of Art in Interactive Arts in 2020, and brings a wealth of expertise to the role at Messums Yorkshire. Saskia has been central furthering Northern Voices as the leading podcast relating to arts in the North of the UK.

Gallery Assistant

Tara Pomery (She/Her)

Tara has worked extensively in Yorkshire galleries and museums, becoming a font of knowledge for the creative Yorkshire scene. Tara, most recently completed a tenancy at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, working on many vibrant projects. Tara brings dynamism to the Messums Yorkshire division. Having studied History of Art at Leeds University, Tara is passionate about captivating the Harrogate audience in the brilliance of art.