Elliot Walker & Bethany Wood [ - Present ]

Elliot Walker is one of only a handful of glassblowers in the world who uses glass to create solely figurative pieces, giving him something of a rebel status.

After experimenting with the lost-wax process for glass, Walker moved to ‘hot-sculpting’-also known as the ‘Messello’ technique-preferring its challenging demands and more immediate outcomes. Walker’s oeuvre is comprised of various theories or tangents, several of which come together in this new body of work.

Centered on the domestic environment and in the still-life format-examples of which include abandoned meals, frozen in time, or scaled-down teddy-bear-picnic-sized furniture-his work is both unsettling and uncanny, though ultimately entrancing and his fascination with Victorian macabre shines through in his unique aesthetic style. Organic objects are preserved here not for consumption but display; fruit mineralised like crystallised geodes, the beauty of which can be viewed in the dazzling intricacies of his technique.