Peter Brown [ 1967 - Present ]

Brown first became captivated by the distinct character of urban architecture and how it affects human interaction in Bath, where he first studied in the mid-1980s on an art foundation course. After graduating from Manchester Polytechnic, he returned to the creamy-gold streets of this exquisite Georgian city, where he could be seen painting on-site whatever the weather. Never one to stay put for long however, Brown and his easel are now regularly spotted throughout London, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, and even Udaipur, not to mention the coves, cliffs and shores of Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Brittany.

“I work entirely from life using the cities and the countryside as my subjects. I start with what tickles me, and this is likely to be a certain play of the light, weather, space and everyday life. Most of my drawings and paintings take several sittings over consecutive days and in that time I may meet police officers, dog walkers, road sweepers, residents and tourists.”

He is a member of The New English Art Club, The Pastel Society, The Royal institute of Oil Painters and Bath Society of Artists.