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Northern Voices

Podcast Interviews with Northern Artists

Often viewed set apart, there is something unquestionably special and inspirational in the land and landscape in the North of England, not just when represented in painting but often more subconsciously in heart and mind.
Recognising that inspiration is the wellspring of creativity we explore views of the North with those who made it the bedrock of their careers.

EXHIBITION: Richard Hoare ‘1237’

2 October – 13 November

Richard has been painting ever since he left school – a vocational painter in the truest sense. The Inspiration for his work goes back to some of his earliest memories of the forests around his Father’s farm in East Anglia. This was magnified by his experiences walking the Pilgrim routes of England, France and Spain, drawing and recording the all the way.

EXHIBITION: Laurence Edwards ‘While the Whole Earth Changes Tune’

2 October – 13 November

The unveiling of two new sculptures joins a landmark series of sculpture for Laurence Edwards’ debut at Messums Yorkshire.

EXHIBITION: Laurence Edwards ‘A Rich Seam’

2 October – 13 November

In 2018 the sculptor Laurence Edwards was commissioned by Doncaster Council, with money raised through a crowd funding campaign, for a sculpture commemorating the mining history of Doncaster.

ONLINE TALK: Photographer Sophie Green presents ‘Showtime’

Friday 22 October, 6:30pm

Join us for a talk with documentary photographer Sophie Green interviewed by our director of photography Dr Julie Bonzon on the occasion of ‘Showtime’ her first solo show in our Wiltshire gallery in October.

EXHIBITION: David Roberts

20 November – 24 December

David Roberts is one of the most significant ceramic artists working in Europe today.
A distinguished English potter, he has an international reputation as a leading practitioner in Raku ceramics: a technique with its origin in small-scale vessels made for the Tea Ceremony in late sixteenth-century Japan.