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Exhibitions & Events

ONLINE EVENTS: Northern Voices

Podcast Interviews with Northern Artists

Often viewed set apart, there is something unquestionably special and inspirational in the land and landscape in the North of England, not just when represented in painting but often more subconsciously in heart and mind.
Recognising that inspiration is the wellspring of creativity we explore views of the North with those who made it the bedrock of their careers.

EXHIBITION: Graeme Black ‘Trunk Show’

7 May – 19 June

Graeme Black’s paintings come from a life of looking for ways to connect what he sees with what he feels, the materiality of objects seen with the sensations of forms experienced.

ONLINE TALK & TOUR: Exhibition Preview with Graeme Black

7 May, 6:30pm

Join Graeme Black and Johnny Messum for an online preview and tour of Graeme’s exhibition ‘Trunk Show’.

EXHIBITION: Elliot Walker ‘Plenty’

25 June – 7 August

We are delighted to present Elliot Walker’s debut solo show at Messums Yorkshire. Plenty is an irreverent look at our culture of excess, a new series of sculpture inspired by Dutch 17th Century Vanitas paintings.