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Northern Voices

Podcast Interviews with Northern Artists

Often viewed set apart, there is something unquestionably special and inspirational in the land and landscape in the North of England, not just when represented in painting but often more subconsciously in heart and mind.
Recognising that inspiration is the wellspring of creativity we explore views of the North with those who made it the bedrock of their careers.

EXHIBITION: Routes North

15 January – 19 February 2022

Routes North is an exhibition that turns the bus in the direction of travel for any artistic assumption that all roads lead to London. It champions the depth of creative culture in the North, bringing together multiple artists whose bodies of work reflect the variety and vibrancy of the region right now.

POP-UP EXHIBITION: Makoto Kagoshima

Tuesday 1 – Thursday 3 February

For one day only, we are hosting a pop-up exhibition online and in Melbourne, Australia of a new capsule collection by Makoto Kagoshima. Makoto trained as an artist, and then worked for the Conran Shop in Japan, but it is with clay that he has found his medium. 

ONLINE TALK: Contemporary African Photography in Focus

Friday 4 February, 2pm

On the occasion of Messums London first contemporary photography exhibition ‘Resonances’, visual artists Nii Obodai and Justin Keene will be in conversation with Stephanie Blomkamp, founder of Oath magazine, on the visibility, circulation and championing of African photography today.