ONLINE TALK: with Photographer Tif Hunter

Saturday 20 March 2021


Photographer Tif Hunter in conversation with photography historian Dr Julie Bonzon as Tif’s new exhibition opened online at Messums Yorkshire.

For his debut Harrogate exhibition, photographer Tif Hunter combines selections of his still life work from seemingly opposing parts of his photographic career: a group of monochrome tintypes – reproduced here in high-definition print editions – and a collection of colour digital prints. Unifying the two series is an obsessive passion for detail and a consistent love of a striking, sometimes playful, juxtaposition of forms.

Many of the prints of tintypes on view in Yorkshire are studies in texture: a monumental celeriac, knobbly and rough like a cheese-grater; an old book binding as frail as a centenarian’s skin; a smooth, solid pear that might almost be cast in bronze. There is a tangible physicality, a tactility, to these prints.

Julie Bonzon (Dr.) is a London-based art historian and a specialist in South African Photography. Julie is the Founder of The Photographic Collective, an online platform to present the work and connect lens-based artists active in Africa. She is Director of Photography at Messums London.