TALK: with artist Charles Poulsen

Saturday 31 October, 11am

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Join us at the gallery for a talk and interview with Charles Poulsen on the morning his exhibition of drawings opens at Messums Yorkshire.

We have known the extraordinary Charlie Poulsen since a chance meeting at Messums Wiltshire just over a year ago, which led to a pop-up exhibition of his work in the Long Gallery last October. Charlie joined our roster of represented artists this year and we are delighted to be able to show is work in our new, permanent space in Harrogate this Autumn.

Drawing has, in recent years, been Charlie’s primary means of expression, creating extraordinary, large-scale pieces which are both delicate and light but also repetitious, frenetic, wild and in constant movement. Looking at Charlie’s work is similar to listening to a piece of music… the observer may lose oneself in the intricacy of the layering and mark-making.

Charlie lives and works in the Scottish Borders.