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Bridget McCrum

The Conference of the Birds

5 September – 24 October




Studio Story

Following the unprecedented success of her exhibition at our Wiltshire gallery, we are delighted to present Bridget McCrum’s inaugural exhibition at Messums Harrogate. McCrum’s approach to sculpting is a reductive one, removing mass from a block of stone using carving and sanding tools. Now in her eighties, her technical ability has not faded and she arrives at stylised shapes that play with light and weightlessness, as with her many birds which may be taking off, alighting or in flight.

This exhibition brings together Bridget’s sculptures in both stone and bronze from throughout her career, alongside a never seen before collection of drawings that explore movement and the sweeping arc of both bird wing and hand across paper.

“There is the simplified form that allows the eye to comprehend the piece as a single coherent whole, like a passage in a Bach Cello Suite. Less is more, no fuss. Balance is all. A sweeping line fades and then reappears as you move around the undulating form, invoking the optical effects the artist experienced among the dunes of the Arabian deserts. And, with this, comes a sense of rhythm and dynamism; of an object in motion, as light and shadow and perspective generate a kinetic energy. Such things are in the DNA of a Bridget McCrum sculpture or painting or drawing.”  Will Gompertz, BBC arts editor





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